The Squad Leader Card Game

Download this file (A Decade of Shuffling Along.pdf)A decade of suffling along[Includes three player scenarios]269 kB
Download this file (General211PLAYINGYOURCARDSUPFRONT.pdf)Playing your cards Up Front[How to play with your cards. By Don Greemnwood]509 kB
Download this file (General_21-1_UP_FRONT_BY_THE_NUMBERS.pdf)Up Front by the numbers[An analysis of the Odds. By Jim Burnett]185 kB
Download this file (General_22-2_RETURN_TO_THE_FRONT.pdf)Return to the front[A Look at the Scenarios of UP FRONT and BANZAI By James Burnett and Ron Whaley]243 kB
Download this file (General_25-6_UP_ON_THE_AFRICAN_FRONT.pdf)Up on the African front[Analysis of the DESERT WAR expansion. By Steve Harvester]222 kB
Download this file (Moving Up Front.pdf)Moving Up Front[A study of movement options]1343 kB
Download this file (What_is_UpFront by Jeff Paul.pdf)What is Up Front[A short description of the game to help players understand how it works. By Jeff Paul]94 kB
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