The Squad Leader Card Game


There are three types of Personality cards, representing Units:

  1. Men
  2. Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV)
  3. Infantry Guns (IG)

Here we will take a look at Men.

A player, according to the scenario to be played, uses certain Men formed in groups and tries to achieve the scenario victory conditions. A Men group can not be formed at initial set up with less than 2 men and can never exceed 10 men.


Each men card is an individual soldier that has special characteristics. The back (pinned) side of the card represents this man’s data when pinned. In the front side of a Men card there is the weapon he is carrying, its firepower on various ranges, and other important values such as KIA value, MORALE value and leadership status (SL, ASL):

  • KIA value: the ability of a man to survive. If exceeded during fire, man is considered dead and is removed from play.
  • MORALE value: the ability of a man to withstand an attack. If exceeded during fire, man is turned to its “pinned” side.
  • PANIC value:the ability of a man to withstand an attack when pinned. If exceeded during fire, man may be wounded, killed or rout from the game.
  • Leadership: A man that has leadership position in his group like squad leader (SL) or assistant squad leader (ASL). Groups that have a leader can proceed to some extra actions that they could not normally do.
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