The Squad Leader Card Game

Here you will find attached the original rulebook in two formats  (PDF and HTML file). You will also find the rulebook of BANZAI and DESERT war. In the PDF files you will notice that there is some text in purple colour. This is the so called "errata" which is actually corrections or clarifications to the rules which have been added here for your ease. However, it is recomended for new players to read only the black text.

A summary of the basic rules by Jeff Paul is also attached, as well as flow charts created by Richard Irving as player aid while performing various actions.


Download this file (Rulebook Banzai.pdf)Rulebook Banzai[The rulebook of the first expansion of the game-BANZAI]219 kB
Download this file (Rulebook Desert War.pdf)Rulebook Desert War[The rulebook of the second expansion of the game-DESERT WAR]163 kB
Download this file (UF_Flow_Charts_1-0.pdf)Up Front flow charts[These flow charts are to aid in performing various procedures in Up Front. By Richard Irving]184 kB
Download this file (UF_integrated_rulebook.pdf)UF Integrated Rulebook[Combines Up Front, Banzai and Desert War rulebooks, with errata, and a linked Table of Contents.]3927 kB
Download this file (Up Front - Player Actions.pdf)Player actions[A guide showing the rule for each action]1039 kB
Download this file (Up Front RuleBook.pdf)Up Front rulebook[The original rule book. Errata included]1074 kB
Download this file (Up Front Rules Summary.pdf)Summary of basic rules[By Jeff Paul]122 kB
Download this file (upfront-player-aid.pdf)A player aid very beautifully designed[Created by Dan Poole]7242 kB
Download this file (UpFrontHelp v1.0.chm)The Up Front rulebook in HTML format[In order to display content, after downloading right click on the file, select Properties, then select Unblock]606 kB
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