The Squad Leader Card Game

Wargameroomcom is a website devoted to the real-time play of sophisticated boardgames over the Internet. It is led by Bruce Widgor a real UF devotee. The Up Front League is inactive right now but you can find previous leagues here:

In any case you could use the program to play UF over the web with anyone.What you will need is:

1st:The program. You can find it attached. See screenshot below.


2nd: The latest version of Java. You can download it from here

3rd: WinZip. You can download from here

Optionally you may need skype or any other similar platform in order to communicate with the other player

You can also use the wargameroom chat roomYou don't need to sign up. Whatever username you enter will do.

For the IUFL League there is also a Yahoo Group. You can send email to the following link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Download this file ( play by web[A jave based program to play UF over the Internet]269 kB
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